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Accounting and Bookkeeping For Business

Learn how Dunamis Solutions can get your business finances under control.

As one of South Carolina’s well trusted Accounting and Bookkeeping firms, Dunamis Solutions has the staff and experience to help you to grow your business.  Dunamis can help you to setup a new business or cleanup an existing company that has not had professional help. We can setup the reporting and systems needed to understand your business better.

Your Dunamis Partner can create a budget and projections so that you can forecast and plan properly.  As a partner, can we assist with Sales Tax, Payroll Setup and Integration of your existing systems or help to streamline your bookkeeping systems with the correct checks and balances for Best Practices.  Dunamis has CPA’s to provide the best tax planning based on accurate bookkeeping and reporting.

Accounting and Bookkeeping For Non-Profits

Dunamis Solutions has accountants and bookkeepers that are dedicated to Not For Profit (NFP) bookkeeping and are fully versed in the special needs of Non-Profits accounting and bookkeeping. We can help track your ratios for breaking down the Program, Administrative and Program expenses Dunamis will make sure that your chart of accounts is setup to make preparing your 990 or 1042-S filings easy.

Accounting and Bookkeeping For Individuals

Get your personal finances in order.

Whether you are a High Net Worth Individual with Investments to track or just need a partner to make sure you are staying organized and on budget, Dunamis can partner with you. We can help you setup a simply process to keep track of your spending and will help you to utilize the available applications that make sense for you.

Accounting and Bookkeeping For Startups

Get help with your funding efforts.

Dunamis Solutions partners with Startups and Internet Companies to help them while they work towards funding.  Dunamis handles the setup and day to day Accounting and bookkeeping needs as well as provides the financial reporting needed by your Investment Advisors.

Accounting and Bookkeeping Training & Consulting

Not every company needs (or can afford) a full-time or outside accountant and bookkeeping staff. But every company needs (and can’t afford not to have) a robust accounting system to maintain financial health and provide reporting on business performance.

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