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Our Company at a Glance

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide professional Accounting and Bookkeeping services as well as app integration to businesses whose current needs are not being adequately met. We optimize the business performance of our clientele by providing them with the necessary tools to assess their financial position at any given point in time. Our professional staff devotes itself to providing Accounting and Bookkeeping services in a timely, accurate manner, showing respect and awareness of the confidentiality and individual needs of our clientele. Dunamis Solutions is committed to ensuring the highest level of excellence to all who avail themselves of our service.

We understand your business, your industry, and you.

Because we take time to learn about each of our clients, we can help you understand and manage even the most subtle changes in your business to optimize your bottom line. We’ll take all aspects of your goals into account – personal and business, even the emotion that is tied to making decisions – and deliver not just what you asked for, but recommendations on what you and your business really need.

We empower our clients to achieve their financial and business goals.

Our Clients

  • Integrity, Ethics, and Professionalism: These cornerstone values help us build trusting relationships with our clients.

  • Excellence: We believe in delivering top-tier services that are rooted in best practices and applied in pragmatic and flexible ways.

  • Commitment: We are committed to building strong practices. Through our dedication, our client’s mission becomes our own.

Our people

  • Respect, Trust, and Fairness: We will treat each other with these attributes.

  • Organizational and Personal Learning: The success of our firm and the workforce depends increasingly on having opportunities for personal learning and for practicing new skills.

  • Continuing Education and Training: We provide our employees with the best learning and development available.

Our culture

  • Diversity: We believe that diverse perspectives identify the best solutions. We work to create teams that reflect diversity of cultures, knowledge, and skills.

  • Entrepreneurial Spirit: Our firm culture fosters creativity, innovation, and initiative. This is reflected in the service we provide to our clients.

  • Community Service: Our firm places great emphasis on giving back to the communities that we serve. We encourage all members of the firm to be stewards of the community.

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